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A Dog’s Choice Training Service assistance dog program was created due to the demand from people who did not fit the criteria of the service dog program for the charity that Liz co-founded with her husband Scott which was specifically for Veterans, First Responders and Correctional Officers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and service related injuries – Whiskeys Wish Inc (Charity has wound down)

During many training excursions with recipients of the charity’s program, we were often approached by many who had disabilities and who suffered from major depression and other mental health issues as well as parents of children who had autism who struggled with trying to train or meet criteria to train either their own dog or obtain a dog from an assistance dog training organisation that had long waiting periods.

Positive Approach to Training

We Do Not Use Harsh Methods or Physical Punishment – Positive Reinforcement, Force Free training (Member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia (PPGA)) – also called Reward-Based Training.

This training style is based on the sound scientific principles of animal learning and operant conditioning. We focus on rewarding your dog for desired behaviour.

We will teach you how to understand and communicate with your dog. We are a fully registered and insured training organisation.

A support system

Training a service dog is hard, and for those who need it the most were never meant to do it alone. Having a support system and coaches who have been there and can walk with you on this journey, help you problem solve, and keep you moving forward can make all the difference.

A Dog’s Choice program will provide you with the training plans and techniques, a road map for independence and learning, and most importantly the support system and advocacy to assist you

A warm welcome!

We hope you find an offer that suits your needs and chose to stay with us.

If you got any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Training Services Available

  • Assistance Dog Training

We also offer

Assistance Dog Training

Customised Training

to suit your unique needs

A Dog’s Choice Training Services program can be individualised to suit your unique needs. This means there can be realistically no set timeframe to train your dog to be an Assistance Dog (although guidelines are provided). Individualisation is a method whereby instructional technology, and pace of learning are based upon the abilities and interest of each learner/handler and the ability of the dog.


Online Training Available

Safe work practices are a must particularly during a pandemic, I recently completed an extensive course to ensure best safe work practices as well as understand the implications of COVID19 as well as other potentially hazardous viruses.

You will have plenty of information to take away from the chat that will be a useful daily resource for you training your dog.
Access to training videos and training sheets.

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